Printing Quality

Our unique approach to book printing combines various printing technologies to offer you the most efficient and economic options in book printing. If you’re unsure what kind of print quality to expect when you print your book with Copywell, use the information below to make an informed decision and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each printing technology.

Digital Toner

Slow Production Speed

Highest Quality & Highest Cost

High Speed Inkjet

Fast Production Speed

Medium Quality & Lowest Cost

Traditional Offset

Fast Production Speed

High Quality & Major Volumes

Digital Toner Printing


Particle based inks are fused to paper using the xerographic process. Copywell was built on digital printing and invested heavily in digital toner printing technologies ranging from the classic Docutech to the latest colour presses from Ricoh, Oce and other major press vendors. With over 34 years of digital printing expertise, Copywell’s digital toner presses are an integral part to the book printing workflow that Copywell has developed.


Vivid Colours

Deep Rich Blacks

Great Photo Reproduction

Perfect for Book Covers & Thick Stocks


Slow Print Speed

High Cost Per Sheet

Solid Colour Difficulties

Not Suited To Large Press Runs

High Speed Inkjet


Liquid inks are saturated into the paper at high speeds, resulting in quick turnaround and cost-efficiency. Copywell was an early adopter of this revolutionary and disruptive printing technology and continues to invest in high speed inkjet printing to foster book manufacturing and printing workflows that are critical to Copywell’s position as top-rated book printer. Perfectly suited to book interiors on uncoated or silk coated papers, high speed inkjet printing is a game changer and allows Copywell to provide unmatched prices in the book printing industry.


Soft Muted Colours

High Printing Speeds

Thin Papers & Text Weights

Perfect for Book Interiors

Low Cost Per Sheet


Not Suited to Dark Photography

Solid Colour Difficulties

No Glossy Stocks

Traditional Offset Printing


Liquid inks are saturated into the paper at high speeds using the lithographic process. Offset printing is the oldest printing technique invented by Gutenberg and revolutionized the way people share information. Copywell uses offset printing for specialized applications and long press runs where toner and inkjet are inefficient. As a rule of thumb, if you’re printing over 10,000 sheets, then offset printing may be a viable press method for your book, but this is not always the case.


Highest Quality in the Market

Pantone Colours & Metallic Inks

Many Paper Options

Cost Effective Over 10,000 Sheets


Paper Waste for Setups

High Cost to Start

No Sample Prints

Not Suited to Short Runs

Use this chart to determine where your project would be printed

Digital Toner

High-Speed Inkjet

Traditional Offset





Text, Images &


Text Only


Coffee Table

Art Book

Digital Illustrations

& Comics

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