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Crowdfunding Book Printing For Kickstarter and Indiegogo


Crowdfunding book printing is the best! We love to support entrepreneurs and creatives in their efforts to create books on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We can provide printing at an affordable price that ensures you will profit from your sales, and even fulfill shipments to your backers.

Some of our team members are successful Kickstarter creators themselves, and we’ve produced books for many creators over the years.

Crowdfunding Book
Crowdfunding Book Printing
Crowdfunding Book Printing Copywell

Feedback From Creators

Apologies for the late reply! It’s been a busy weekend with the convention and with getting the kickstarter organized now that I have the books! 😀

They look fantastic! I’m so impressed, and so excited for everyone to see them!
I’m very pleased (with the process, and customer service, too). I have another book that’s almost ready and will be in touch soonThanks so much!

I used Copywell’s services last year to print my books, as well as my posters. Not only did they have the best price (by far, lower than every other quote I was receiving, even from the US) but they were also personable and responded quickly to every question.

The quality was incredible, any time there was an issue, they were on the ball with informing us. They helped me get my black-tones perfect for the final print, as well as working on alignments/margins to make sure it printed.

In addition to that, compared to previous printers we’ve used, we found the colour in the print was much more true (there doesn’t seem to be any weird tint that I’ve found with other printers during their print runs), and crisp.

100% recommend giving Copywell a chance, especially if you feel your next step is to look out of the country!

-Vanessa Stefaniuk

It was my first time printing with them. Was very pleased with the result and the customer service was A+


Absolutely incredible quality books, and amazing customer service. I will be recommending them and using Copywell again for years to come!

-Blake Northcott

Get Regular Updates During Production

Stay informed with live updates through our ordering system!

We can even send you photos and videos of your book project being printed and bound so you can update backers!

Crowdfunding Book Printing

The first step to getting started with Copywell is to contact us and describe your project in detail.

We’ll need to know how many books you need, the kind of paper it’s printed on and details about shipping.

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