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A softcover book is also commonly referred to as: paperback books, perfect bound books, softback books, perfect softcover and more! We call it a softcover perfect bound book, and the points below address the most popular questions about this product.

What is a Softcover Perfect Bound Book?

A softcover perfect-bound book is a book with a square 90-degree spine and a cover that is thicker than the interior pages. The cover is wrapped around the book and glued to the pages along an edge that becomes the book’s spine. All perfect bound books have a spine, and it can be as small as 0.05″ or as large as 4″.

Softcover perfect bound books are the most popular type of book we produce at Copywell, because of its efficient production methods and quick setup, the softcover perfect-bound book is the most popular choice of bookbindery among publishers, self-publishers and organizations.

Softcover perfect bound books are the most common type of books we produce at Copywell
Softcover perfect bound books have a square spine, and the cover is thicker than the interior paper and wrapped around the book block and glued to the spine.


What is the Spine Size of My Softcover Book?

The spine size of your book is determined from the page count and paper type of the interior pages. When you request a quote for a softcover perfect-bound book from Copywell, the quotation will display the spine size of the book so you can set up your cover artwork using that.

You can always request a template from your customer service representative if you’re unsure on how to setup your artwork

The spine size of your book will be shown in your quotation
The spine size of your book will be shown in your quotation

What Does a Softcover Book Cost?

The cost of a softcover perfect bound book from Copywell ranges based on a number of variables, including page count, size, quantity and paper types. Just request a quotation to get a price for your book.


Softcover Cover Coating Options

We offer a variety of book cover coatings that will protect your book from dents, scuffing and scratching in the bindery process. We strongly recommend all books have a cover coating, failure to include one may result in damage in bindery or transit.  Laminate is the best choice for your book cover, as it is a plastic protective film that is fused to the cover, resulting in a long lasting durable bond.


The types of cover coatings we offer are:

  • Gloss laminate (OPP or Polyester Films)
  • Matte laminate (OPP or Polyester Films)
  • Soft-touch laminate (OPP Film only)
  • Raised Spot UV with Matte Lamination (OPP or Polyester Films)

How To Supply Interior Pages

When you’re ready to send your PDF files to us for printing a softcover book, please supply your files as follows:


  • Interior setup a single page PDF, assembled in order, with 1/8″ bleeds
Single page PDF's display one printed page at a time, rather than multiple pages joined together.
In the diagram above, each PDF page is one single printed page, and all pages are assembled in readable order.




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