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The first step in any project is to request a quote for your specific needs. If you have a customer sales representative, you can always just email or phone them with your project specs to get your quote.

If you don’t have a customer service representative, then we suggest you use our simple Quote Request form to get a quote for your project.

How to Request a Quote for Your Book

To get a quote for your book printing project, all you have to do is answer a few questions to communicate your unique project specs using our simple quote request form. As a book printer, everything we do is custom-tailored to our customer’s unique needs.

What Contributes to a Book’s Cost?

To formulate the cost of a book, we take a bunch of data points and combine them using an estimating system that puts it all together and generates a quotation. We can estimate as many scenarios as you want in a quick and timely manner.

The data points that we require to provide a quote for your project are listed below:

  • Your Contact Details (name, email, phone)
  • Your Billing Address (determines the tax rate to be used)
  • Orientation (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Finished Width
  • Finished Height
  • # of Colour Pages
  • # of Black Pages
  • Cover Stock (the paper used for the cover)
  • Interior Stock (the paper used for the interior pages)
  • Interior Imagery (high quality photos & text, text only, text & diagrams)
  • Bindery Format
  • # of Copies
  • Ebook Required (.mobi, .epub, both)
  • Shipping Address (also determines the tax rate to be used)
  • Packing Requirement (bulk in boxes, shrink-wrapped individually & bulk in boxes)
  • Do You Have Art Files Ready? (if yes, we may want to see them to help quote more accurately)
  • Deadline to Complete
  • Project Reference Name (title or description)
  • Are you self publishing? (this helps us learn if you require self-publishing services)
  • Is this a first edition? (helps us learn if you require self-publishing services as well)


Receiving a Quote

The only way that we can send you a quotation is by email, as we cannot provide pricing over the phone. There are so many data points with book manufacturing and printing that it’s very important that we run all estimates through our estimating and ordering system. The quotation that you receive will have a detailed breakdown of your project specs, which allows you to plan your project more effectively.

With every book printing quotation that Copywell provides, you will see the unit cost, total cost and turnaround time for each quantity factored, along with other data points like single piece weight, total order weight and spine size


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