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Copywell accepts most major credit card as a method of payment. Please see the list below for all credit cards that we accept:

How To Pay

Copywell allows customers to pay for their orders in a variety of ways. The list below shows all the forms of payment that we accept:

  • Cheques
  • Money orders
  • Wire Transfers (T/T)
  • Direct Deposit / EFT
  • Interac E-Transfers (ask your customer service representative for more information on where to send E-Transfers to)
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash

*We cannot accept debit cards, instead, we ask that you send an Interac E-Transfer instead

Accepted Credit Cards

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

*We cannot accept prepaid VISA or Mastercard debit cards

How To Provide Your Credit Card Details

To provide a credit card to be held in storage for your account, you can use the link to our payment section to securely provide your credit card details. Your credit card will only be charged upon confirmation of your order by your sales representative.



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