Printing Resources &
Frequently Asked Questions

Use the links and information below to find out answers to common questions about printing books and print in general. We have lots of resources to offer insight on how to set up your artwork and files to produce exceptional results on our printing and book binding equipment

How to setup book covers for printing

How to Setup Covers for Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books

Use the guide pictured to setup your cover correctly. Remember, the terms we use as printers are as follows:

  • C1 – front cover
  • c2 – inside front cover
  • C3 – inside back cover
  • C4 – back cover

How to Setup Covers for Hard Cover Case Bound Books

Use the guide pictured to setup your cover correctly. Remember, the terms we use as printers are as follows:

  • C1 – front cover
  • c2 – inside front cover
  • C3 – inside back cover
  • C4 – back cover

How To Setup Hard Cover Case Wrap

What's the spine size for my book?

When you receive a quote for a book that has a printable spine, we’ll let you know what the measurement is so you can format your artwork accordingly.

Can you send me a template?

Absolutely, just get in touch with us and we’ll send you a template for whatever you’re looking to print.

How to setup book interiors for printing

How to setup interiors for books

Please supply all interiors for any book you’re printing with us as single page PDFs.

Please do not supply spreads, we will handle the imposition based on our printing style.

Colour space questions & image quality

What colour settings are best for printing on your presses?

We recommend CMYK for best results.

What's the best colour setting to use for rich black or solid black?

For our presses, use 100% K and make sure you’re working in a CMYK colour space.

Bleed settings for printing

How much bleed do you recommend?

We recommend using 1/8″ bleed for all edges that require it.

Paper samples and paper options

What types of paper can I choose from?

There’s a long list of papers we can print on our presses, here’s the short list and the most popular options that we stock on our floor:

  • Text Weights in offset: 35 lb, 40 lb, 50 lb, 60 lb, 70 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb
  • Text Weights in coated gloss and silk: 80 lb, 100 lb
  • Cover Weights in offset: 65 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb, 130 lb
  • Cover Weights in coated gloss and silk: 80 lb, 100 lb, 120 lb, 130 lb

Accepted file types

What file types do you accept?

We prefer PDF, but you can supply Word documents or any other type.

Shipping orders and rush jobs

Do you drop ship?

Yes we do! We can handle your book fulfillment too. You can ask for blind ship or drop ship, from standard to next day delivery.

Do you do rush jobs? Is there an extra charge?

We definitely do rush jobs, and sometimes there may be an extra charge.

Self publishing questions

Do you help with ISBN numbers?

We don’t assist in obtaining ISBN numbers, just use the link below to apply for one, it’s totally free.

Do you offer self publishing services?

For sure, check out our book design and self publishing page for more information.

Book Samples


It’s possible to produce a sample of your book and in some cases we even recommend it.  Sometimes a hard copy is not easily produceable due to  availability of materials or setup costs involved. In this case, we can substitute other materials to create a similar book for “look and feel”.


We can always send you samples of past work, free of charge. Just provide the shipping address (charges may apply if address is out of province or outside of the GTA)

The costs to produce samples are as follows:


Hard Copy Proofs Before Production

Bound Proofs

$250 (Softcover, Stitched, Coil/Wire, Pads)

$350 (Hardcover)

Unbound Proofs

$125 in any format

*these costs are non refundable if the order is placed*


Coatings & Laminates May Not Be Included on Samples

Extra charges may apply if laminate is required or coatings (we can offer past job samples instead, free of charge)

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