Fulfillment &

Book Printing

Warehousing and Logistics

combined with cutting-edge printing processes

Online dashboard access 24/7 

Submit shipments easily or automatically via live link

Storage fees waived if under 1,000 books

USA Shipments

$6-8.50 USD

Canada Shipments

$7-10 CAD

International Shipments

$6-15 USD

Based on 8 x 10 book up to 1.25 lb, no more than $10 in value

Minimum of 3 shipments per month required

Tracking included on all shipments

You’re in business with Copywell’s fulfillment and distribution services.

Over 1,000,000 books shipped every year for a wide variety of customers


fulfilled by

When you decided to partner with Copywell as a printing and fulfillment vendor, what key factors contributed to your decision?

  • Great production quality and techniques to help our materials look world class
  • A partner who could look after our unique needs, not make us feel rushed and would collaborate
  • Direct production & shipping service with an admin dashboard for us to monitor
  • Response time to and attention to detail

Since partnering with Copywell, how has it changed the way your business operates?

  • Time spent on our printing, packaging and shipping -dozens of hours per week is back to the main operations.
  • Returning focus towards our member’s and customer’s needs and requests by reducing the amount manual work we used to put in.
  • Simple ordering system, no worries about us maintaining paper supplies, etc.
  • Trust there is a design partner with our new books.

Since partnering with Copywell, how has it changed the way your business operates?

  • Members have Instagrammed our textbooks! When does that happen!? Thanks to the great cover design & paper quality from Copywell!
  • Easy delivery to business and home address alike.
  • Delivery has been even easier, for both predictability and returns.

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