Pack Orders And Ship Em'

Book Fulfillment Services

The book fulfillment marketplace is a competitive business landscape with minimum requirements to ensure fees are waived. This can be problematic for new authors, and small to mid size organizations that need to deliver contact to customers and subscribers across the world. We’ll work with you and your method of delivery to integrate a solution either online, or offline, to receive orders and notify recipients of incoming shipments. This is all possible using simple online tools supported by a dedicated account manager that is capable of handling a variety of requests and scenarios for your book and printed matter fulfillment.

POD And Fullfillment

Leverage the technology of our inkjet printing capabilities to allow for print on demand book fulfillment in quantities as low as 25. We can pick and pack anything you supply, with minimal, and sometimes no fees for storage of items.

book fullfillment

Inventory Management

We keep track of every item in stock, and every order that goes out. We even have an inventory system that you can log into and check current stock levels and your order history.


printing services


Housed at our 30,000 square foot facility in Vaughan, rest assured your goods are in good hands and available to you and your team anytime for physical counts at inventory time.

book fullfillment