Book Samples

If you’re looking to produce a sample of your book, it’s possible, and in some cases we even recommend it.  Sometimes a hard copy is, not easily produceable, given availability of materials or setup costs involved. We can, however, create an accurate depiction of the outcome on a similar paper or use other materials as substitutes to illustrate the final product.

We can always send you samples of past work, free of charge. Just provide the shipping address.

The costs to produce samples are as follows:

Bound proofs – $250 | Unbound proofs – $125

  • these costs are non refundable

Hard Copy Proofs Before Production

  • No charge, but we will require a 50% deposit on the order before proofs occur. This means you must have an order confirmation/docket in production

Coatings & Laminates Not Included in Samples

  • Extra charges may apply if laminate is required or coatings (we can offer past job samples instead, free of charge)