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Softcover books are the most popular option in book binding when you need durability and a high-quality product.

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  • PUR or EVA adhesives ensure the strongest bind possible
  • Protective lay-flat laminates or non-laminated covers
  • Toner, Inkjet or Offset Printing of covers and interiors
  • Strong packaging and Amazon and Distributor compliant labeling
  • 7-10 business days after approval of artwork
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Softcover Anatomy

In order to help artists and authors understand the elements involved and areas that can be customized in printing, the guide below will illustrate all the components and parts of a softcover book.


You can reference the parts shown below when speaking with our team members about your softcover book project. Copywell’s expert staff are softcover book specialists that will help guide you through the design and printing process. You can ask our team member’s anything about a softcover book and gain insight and ideas that will spark your creativity and let you distinguish your books from others.

Front Cover

Softcover Book Front Cover


Softcover Book Spine

Back Cover

Softcover Book Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Soft Cover Book Inside Front Cover


Soft Cover Book Open

Inside Back Cover

Soft Cover Book Inside Back Cover