Digital Sheetfed Toner Printing

Our experience in this method of printing is unmatched in our locality. We’ve been leaders in this space for 30 years – adapting to new technology to meet the needs of our ever growing client base.

Minimum sheet size 7″ x 7″

Maximum sheet size 27″ x 13″

From 18 pt double thick cover, to 20 lb bond, we can print on paper and synthetic subrates with vibrant colours at trade rates

1200 x 1200 DPI perfecting, Pantone colour capable, calibrated to perfection

Ricoh 9110 x 2

 Boasting market leading quality and efficiency, the Ricoh 9110 is Copywell’s sheetfed print solution.

Capable of high quality output on a wide variety of substrates and sizes.

Two machines for high capacity output.